to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality of life for those living with Chronic Kidney Disease & Diabetes

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Reduce Healthcare Costs

Support payers & employers with the challenges and expense associated with Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease.

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Transplant Eligibility

Assist individuals who may not fit the eligibility criteria to be waitlisted for a Kidney Transplant.

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Digital Platform

Educate and support with Four Pillars of Health delivered virtually for an easy to use, scalable experience.

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Four Pillars of Health

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Certified Health and Wellness Coaches utilize Motivational Interviewing to help patients gain confidence and mindset skills to successfully navigate change and sustain motivation.

Nutritional Health


Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists provide individualized guidance and resources to empower lasting healthy lifestyle choices.

Physical Health

Physical Fitness

Certified Fitness Trainers meet the patient where they are and create personalized solutions to overcome barriers to transplant and combat co‑morbidities.

Transplant Health


Nurse educators meet with patients throughout their journey, helping to maintain successful outcomes as they move forward in health.

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Forward Thinking

As a patient progresses through the late stages of Chronic Kidney Disease, health declines and healthcare costs rapidly increase. Receiving a kidney transplant is the preferred therapy for the patient and the least expensive option for payers and employers. Many patients are not aware of the criteria required for waitlisting and are not prepared for a transplant, thus increasing their time on dialysis.

We are here to help change that.

By helping patients overcome barriers and expediting the path to kidney transplant,

Health to Hope improves patient health and reduces employer and payer costs


Forward Moving

Health to Hope helps patients overcome barriers
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average wait for a kidney

90,000 on waitlist

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adults in the US have

Chronic Kidney Disease

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 4.57.18 PM

of Diabetics develop

Chronic Kidney Disease

Case Study: Health Coaching

Guiding behavior change improves health outcomes